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"Fred Davis"

In 1985, I landed a contract with the Royal Bank to produce a daily network radio show called "Expo '86 update". I phoned Fred Davis and asked if he would like to host it. We had never met. But everything I had ever heard about him was good. His reputation in the industry is so clean it's embarrassing. Fred agreed to meet and discuss it. To my everlasting joy he agreed and there began a most pleasant 41 week production assignment.

The series was heard daily coast to coast in Canada, Alaska and Washington State. We produced 205 episodes.

Fred Davis is the epitome of the words.... real pro, Mr. Nice, reliable, agreeable. And one I would like to create; "Mr. Arrive at the Studio Early." Unheard of in the industry.

In television today it's an achievement if a successful series lasts six or seven years before going off the air and into the land of perpetual re-runs through syndication. "Family Ties" starring Canada's Michael J. Fox, is a perfect example. However, the TV show Fred hosts "Front Page Challenge" has been on the air for 34 years. And Fred has been there since day one. Many credit the show's success and longevity to Fred's warm personality which shines through your TV set. His ability to control and keep the show moving is a large part of the show's success. Just ask its producer Ray McConnell.

Over the years Fred has had numerous offers to head south of the border. But he prefers to remain in Canada. Here he can do his own thing at his own pace and play trumpet in a band when the urge moves him.

Fred Davis ... Mr. Nice ... another Canadian Achiever.

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