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"Ron Ridley, Fran Ridley"

When the business community of Williams Lake, B.C. honoured Ron Ridley as "Entrepreneur of the Year" they made an excellent choice. Ron and wife Fran, originally from Windsor, Ontario, moved to Williams Lake in 1976 to buy a car dealership which they have built into a wonderful story of achievement. By industry standards the dealership they bought was quite small. It employed 36 people with sales of 3 million dollars. That was not good enough for Ron & Fran. They kept expanding sales and expanding their premises even during the tough times of the early 80's. As Ron explained...

"We had a great determination to survive and grow during that period. We always had faith in the future. We know that tough times never last but tough people do. We made adjustments for the times and we were able to weather the storm."

Weather the storm they did. Today Lake City Ford has 3 locations, employs 96 people, with sales this year of 26 million dollars. And they're doing all of this in an isolated trading area of only 40 thousand people.

They achieved this phenomenal growth through a lot of hard work and a management style they call . . . people, passion and product. Fran believes

with a passion that employees are a company's most important product ... as she explained to me ...

"They want an exchange of information. They should be informed of what's happening day to day in the dealership. And they want to know they are part of a winning team."

Most companies believe that it's easier and safer to look outside the company for key people rather than promote from within. Not Fran.

"We believe in promoting from within. We know the people that we are working with. They have come up through the ranks. They want to achieve and should be given the opportunity. We believe it's more beneficial to promote from within."

Ron & Fran Ridley are achieving because they believe in themselves and their people.

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