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"Steve Bauer"

In 1964 Steve Bauer of Fenwick near St. Catharines, climbed on his first 2-wheel bicycle. He was 5. Twenty years later at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 Steve won for Canada the first silver medal in cycling in 76 years.

Steve turned pro after that and in his first race, the World Championship in Barcelona, Spain, he came in third. His career as a World Class Cyclist was set. Since then Steve has consistently been a top money earner racing in Europe where the sport is very big.

The biggest, most prestigious event in professional cycling is the Tour de France. It's a grueling, month long race through France ending in Paris. Each day the leading cyclist wears a yellow sweater to show the world he's leading. In the 1988 Tour de France Steve wore the yellow sweater for 5 days.

The big money in cycling is in Europe, Steve lives there most of the time. However, his recent book on bicycling, simply called "Steve Bauer on Bicycling", plus some nice Canadian endorsement contracts ensure that we'll see a lot more of him here at home. Steve Bauer-another Canadian Achiever.

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