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"Anne Murray"

What can possibly be said that hasn't already been said about this wonderful person?

Today she's one of the top entertainers in the world, and a woman who represents the very best in popular music. However, life for Anne Murray wasn't always so good.

Her family sent her to a Catholic College, where she lasted one year. She switched to the University of New Brunswick, and failed her first year. She auditioned for a singing part on TV's "Singalong Jubilee", and was rejected. Two years later, she finally got that part, and also graduated with a degree in physical education.

In those days singing was her way to make a few extra dollars while she worked as a physical education teacher in Prince Edward Island. The big decision came when she had to choose between renewing her teacher's contract, or trying for a career in music. She took the advice of some friends, and began the long road to stardom.

In 1969 when Anne released "Snow Bird", her timing was perfect. A new Canadian singing star appeared on the scene at a time when Canadian radio stations were required to give more attention to Canadian music. The way Anne puts it, "I had horseshoes coming out of my ears". Horseshoes maybe, talent for sure.

Anne Murray, a Canadian like you, had a dream and made it work.

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