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The Avon Lady Who Became President

"Christina Gold"

Christina Gold is president and chief executive officer of Avon Canada in Montreal. She heads a company with sales this year of 260 million dollars and a sales staff of 45 thousand representatives. When you consider that less than 3% of highest management positions in large Canadian corporations are held by women, Christina's appointment says a lot about her unique ability. How did she react when she learned of her appointment ... "Truthfully, I just went. .. wow! I was so excited I just couldn't think straight for two or three days."

It wasn't easy getting to the top, and it won't be easy staying there, it never is. She joined Avon 20 years ago as an accountant. Over the years she worked in every department. Yes, even as an Avon Lady calling door to door. What does she feel are the qualities necessary to achieve as president of a large corporation? .. "That's a hard question to answer because you are who you are ... obviously communication skills are very important in terms of in being able to talk to people. Another thing that is very critical is

listening. Not only do you have to listen to your employees, you have to listen to your customers and understand where your business is going. So, listening is a skill that one really has to develop. Another is being able to delegate because you can't do it all yourself. And you have to work hard. You have to be willing to take risks. You also have to have faith in your commitments in terms of when you're going to do something, do it. You have to make decisions and get going. Finally you must really have confidence in your people and trust the people who work with you knowing you can rely on them to make the right decisions. .. it's not a one person team. It's many people working together to make the company successful."

That's good advice even if you don't want to become president. Following her own advice has made Christina Gold a very successful person. She's also a very nice person, and she's another Canadian Achiever.

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