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Canadian Achievers is a weekly column about a Canadian who is making a difference in their chosen profession or field of endeavour. Your readers will be inspired by the example, of these living Canadians, who make this country what it is.

Columns are written in an easy to read informal interview style, and will build loyal readership as they capture readerís attention issue to issue.

The series uses references to the next Canadian Achiever to keep your readers looking for the next uplifting column. This series is perfect for your sales department to capture additional revenue from advertisers looking for a positive editorial environment and long-term commitment. The market exclusive nature of our agreement ensures you have the opportunity to build on the success of Canadian Achievers and enhance readership and the bottom line!

From 1985-1999 "The Canadian Achievers" was Canada's national network radio program produced by, for, and about living Canadians. The series was broadcast daily across Canada on over 150 of Canada's leading commercial radio stations... It was consistently the most successful syndicated radio program in Canada delivering 1.8 million adult impressions per week [source BBM]

Every day I shared with listeners the story of another living Canadian who was achieving his or her goal in life. The emphasis was placed on human achievement, focusing on Canadians from all walks of life and every corner of the country.

Canadian Achiever is dedicated entirely to demonstrating the proof that Canadians, regardless of their field of endeavour, are reaching exciting goals and achieving levels of success as great as or greater than anyone else.

If you are not a believer I invite you to read my self published, best selling book "The Canadian Achievers". A collection of 151 stories taken from the series. Over 60,000 copies were sold. In Canada a book becomes a best seller once it sells 5,000 copies.

During the 15 years of the series run (1985- 1999) I enjoyed telling the stories of over 3000 living Canadian Achievers. The series did not end because I ran out of interesting stories to tell. I ended the series because the physical strain of traveling to meet and interview achievers all across Canada. [An added benefit for my wife Aline and I was that some interviews had to be conducted in England, Florida, Barbados & California.] Adding to the strain of travel was the emotional strain of writing and recording five new radio programs each week. As exciting and rewarding as it was. All good things must come to an end.

The need continues..
We must keep reminding Canadians how this amazing land of opportunity is waiting for those who wish to achieve. This is even more important to impress this upon young people. They often wonder if they are coming on stream too late to achieve their goals. Many believe that "all of the mountains have been climbed and conquered" Canadian Achievers will show them, by example, that the opportunity to achieve in Canada is unlimited.


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