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What is Canadian Achievers?


Welcome to this, my first "Canadian Achievers" weekly newspaper column. I hope you enjoy reading it and will look for it each week.
What is Canadian Achievers? Well, it's a continuation of the radio series I hosted daily from 1985-99 on Canada's leading radio stations. During that time I proudly reported the achievements of living Canadians from all walks of life, Canadians who were achieving and deserved recognition.
Canada is a county of achievers. Canada is the one country where you don't have to be tall to reach the sky or come from a big city to have big ideas. . If you are familiar with the radio series or have read my book The Canadian Achievers, you will know how deep my feelings run for this most wonderful country of ours and the people who make it great. My stories are contemporary; they deal only with living Canadians.
However, if this is your first exposure to "Canadian Achievers" let me warn you. As you read each column you may wonder if I am being paid by the government or the Chamber of Commerce to sing the praises of Canadians, many of them unknown. Let me assure you I am not. My pride in Canada and Canadians comes from personal experience.
I was born in Canada, raised on a small farm near Morinville, Alta. Similarly, Aline, my wife of 50 years, was also born in Canada, raised on a small farm near Rosairville, New Brunswick. We each attended one-room, eight-grade schools. Aline is Acadian, I am a francophone. We both cherish our heritage. I tell you this now so you may have a better understanding of why my columns will be crafted with shades of enthusiastic patriotism and deep admiration for the people I will write about.
Canada is the greatest country in the world. Canada is the one country where if your mind will conceive it, and your heart will believe it, you will achieve it.

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Next week read about the achiever who says " No arms. so what" He is another Canadian Achiever.


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