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“How to do the impossible”

Andy Nulman

How To Do The Impossible is the title of Andy Nulman’s excellent and very inspiring book. As I read it, and later spoke with him, it became very clear that here is a person who makes every so-called impossible challenge become possible. One of his beliefs is: “To do the impossible you’ve got to think it already done.”
Stop reading for a moment and think about it. It is really quite profound.
Born and raised in Montreal where he still lives, Andy Nulman has been creating major media projects for over 30 years. His best-known project started out on a shoestring 25 years ago when against all odds he and Gilbert Rozon staged the now world-famous Just for Laughs International Comedy Festival. They flirted with bankruptcy on an ongoing basis year after year as the event grew from a two-day event to its present month-long festival. Andy knew to survive they needed a major corporate sponsor and a major U.S. television network to buy the series. He was told it was impossible. But he proved everyone wrong when he signed both in one year.
Just for Laughs is now seen in TV syndication in over 65 countries. That in itself should be enough to satisfy one person. Not Andy Nulman. His fertile creative mind envisioned great things in the Internet revolution. With his friend Garner Bornstein they founded an Internet content company called Eyeball Glue. They soon realised its limitations so they switched gears to concentrate exclusively on mobile media. In 2000 they founded the revolutionary company Airborne Entertainment, a company now best known for ring tones and video games.
As Andy says, “Dick, we were in the business before there even was a business.
The impossible occurred again for Andy and Garner when in June 2005 a Japanese company paid them $110 million for 85 per cent of their company. Garner and Andy remain with the company as CEO and president.
Andy Nulman — don’t ever tell him it’s impossible, because in Canada everything is possible.

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