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"Canada needs more sales people like him"


Canada's economy relies on a strong retail industry. Nothing happens until a sale is made. Unfortunately, a common complaint expressed by retail store owners and managers is "You just can't find good help these days."

Don’t blame the sales people. Most stores have to operate with minimum staff. It's difficult for sales people, regardless how willing they are, to dedicate very much face to face serving time with customers. They may want to, but they are simply too busy multitasking.

That's not the case with 22 year old Ben Balcke a Furniture Consultant at Staples. Recently my five year old office chair purchased at Staples required repair. I called them and met Ben over the telephone. He listened patiently, diagnosed the problem, ordered the $50.00 part, and called me when it arrived. Innocently I brought the chair to the store to be repaired.  Ben explained that they do not do repair work there. However, he would do the work himself if I agreed to let him work on it between serving customers. I agreed and began browsing around the store.. My eye settled on a much nicer chair selling for $349.00. Ben noticed my interest, patiently explained the many improvements in chair design and without putting down my five year veteran he sold me this new chair. That is until he told me it came in a box. I had to assemble it. Sensing a sale was at risk, he offered to assemble it providing he could assemble it while serving other customers. Rather than run the risk of seeing something else that I just could not live without. I retired to my car and read a book until he came out and placed it in my SUV.

The following day I called the area manager to tell him of Ben’s dedicated action... I suggested they begin making room for Ben in a corner office at Staples head office because with his dedication you can bet he will be president of some company somewhere some day. Canada's retail industry needs more just like him.

Ben Balcke is another aspiring Canadian Achiever.

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