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“A lawyer achieving great heights with both feet on the ground”


While growing up in Campbellville, Ontario I doubt Calin Lawrynowicz thought that by the age of 36 he would be recognised as a business leader and a person to admire.

Although Calin is best known as a Toronto- based lawyer, he is almost better known as a growing corporation. In only seven years the law firm he and his wife started when he was called to the bar in 2000 has now expanded to include three separate companies dealing with a full range of investment and real estate services.

Their staff has also expanded, now numbering 20.  Calin is a text book example of a successful entrepreneur. In fact, he was selected as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Federal Business Development of Bank. He is also a Gold Medal Winner of Queens University National Entrepreneur Competition. As an award winning entrepreneur he knows what it takes to succeed in business. As an academic, his educational accomplishments are also unique, as he holds two business and two law degrees.

Yet when you watch him address an audience of business people or speak with him in person, its difficult to imagine that this humble, “ah shucks“ kind of guy is anything but a successful entrepreneur.

While attending University he volunteered working for free on legal aid cases in the Windsor area This same human concern guides his business philosophy, which is likely another reason for his rapid success,

When I asked him what his advice is to others wishing to achieve he replied ”Dick, I firmly believe that if you try to do good, good will come to you. Think positive, the sky is not the limit. There is always room for more.” Then he added with a smile “And be careful of what you wish for, you may get it”

Calin Lawrynowicz, the Canadian Achiever from the small community of Campbellville proves what I have said a million times. “In Canada you do not have to come from a big city to have big ideas, or be tall to reach the sky.“

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