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“Carmie Nearing...Soup Lady”

She’s making pots of money with pots of soup

In my book The Canadian Achievers I told the story of the Vermillion, Alberta homemaker who agreed to cater a local event for 1,000 people.

She did a great job, word spread, and now she is one of the most successful food specialists in North America. Her cookbooks are sold everywhere under the titles Company’s Coming. Her name: Jean Pare.

Well, it appears history may be repeating itself. This time it is a homemaker in Calgary named Carmie Nearing [yes, Carmie is the correct spelling of her name] and her soup company Spoon Fed Soups. Born and raised in New Waterford, Nova Scotia, this 41-year-old mother of two children ages 7 and 9 moved to Calgary with her husband, an advertising agency executive who assists her in the marketing of her company.

In February 2005 she decided to make 20 litres of soup and offer it for sale, delivered to 10 friends who worked in downtown Calgary offices. A new batch of soup twice weekly was delivered to the office workers.

Word soon spread; other offices wanted Carmie’s soup delivered to them. She formed her company and now cooks over 250 litres of soup weekly in a rented facility. Her customers receive an e-mail every Tuesday telling them what’s on the menu this week. Customers place their orders by e-mail. The soup is delivered hot, tasty and on time. She charges between $10 and $12 a litre.

What began with 10 friends ordering soup has grown to over 450 regular customers. I asked Carmine if she had plans to grow as Jean Pare has. “This is all happening so fast. Yes, I am interested in growing the company.

Carmie has over 60 soup recipes, so a recipe book is not out of the question, but right now she is too busy handling the rapid growth of her customer base. Her advice to other budding entrepreneurs: “Dick, you have to stay loyal to your brand. Be patient. People appreciate when you do your best. Do what you do do best.
Congratulations to Carmie Nearing — she is another Canadian Achiever.

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