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It was not surprising to hear that Catherine Swift was cited as one of Canada's top 100 most powerful women by the Women's Executive Society. Catherine Swift, like her name implies, is a high energy, single mother of two sons aged 20 and 17, President, CEO and Chairwoman of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business [CFIB]. The CFIB is a 105.000 member non profits organizations that represents Canada's independent privately held businesses. Catherine joined CFIB in 1987 after successful careers with the federal governments Dept of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Industry and Communication. That is why she is in a good position to say the problem for independent businesses today is that "there is too much government".

Prior to her career with the Government she was Senior Economist with the TD bank's Department of Economic Research. With her career background and University degrees it is easy to understand why CFIB founder John Bulloch was eager to add her to his team when she joined CFIB in 1987. And why she rose through the ranks and replaced him when he chose to retire in 1995.

Never shy to state her member's position, Catherine Bush is always lobbying governments at all levels. She is the big voice for small business. Never failing to remind all levels of government that it is small and medium size business that creates the majority of new jobs, they are responsible for half of the economy. The Federal Government estimates there will be over 100,000 new businesses created in Canada. It's her challenge to lend non governmental assistance to all of them to help insure their success. Because their success is Canada's success. Catherine Swift truly is the big voice for small business. She is very bullish about the future for small and medium business in Canada.

Her message to young people, the future of our country, is straight forward and uncomplicated. "Dick, I tell them to find a job doing something they love. Do a variety of things to obtain experience. And most important, they should always show up on time."

Powerful advice from a very powerful woman.

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