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“He makes money ... lots of it”

The picture shows a smiling Chad Wasilenkoff with some of the money his company, Fortress Paper Ltd., makes. Legally. The company also makes speciality paper for passports and anti-forgery banknotes.

Making money is not new to this 34-year-old Calgary-born entrepreneur. He began making money when at the age of 10 he would hire his buddies to collect golf balls from the ponds at the Silver Springs Golf Club. He then sold the golf balls to members at an attractive profit. Rather than wait for members to come to him, he would go to their homes — his first lesson in direct marketing.
He also resold Atari video games which he saw advertised in the paper, making as much as $50- $100 per sale. He expanded his reselling enterprise to include bicycles and other much-in-demand items, eventually including cars.

Chad brought his Midas entrepreneurial skills to buying and growing companies, then selling them at a huge profit. His sense of timing and willingness to take risks has paid off.

When I asked his advice to share with my readers, he replied, “Dick, people usually jump on the bandwagon at the top of a business cycle in industries like the Internet and more recently uranium. Don’t follow the herd ... blaze your own trail.

When we spoke, his company was going public on the TSX the following day. He wants to raise capital to expand their two mills in Germany and Switzerland as well as purchase several other smaller mills. The company has developed a new electronic passport with radio frequency identification [RFID] chip embedded in the cover.

Chad Wasilenkoff is no ordinary thinking entrepreneur. He imagines things and then makes them happen. So don’t be surprised when your passport comes loaded with a chip.

Another development his creative mind is working on is producing money with a transparent window, which makes the money virtually impossible to counterfeit. That is why 34-year-old Chad Wasilenkoff is a Canadian Achiever.

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