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Craig McFarlane

You will be inspired when you read what Craig McFarlane, blind since two, told me when I asked him his philosophy of life. "Dick, you have to always wake up in the morning and put your game face on, put a smile on your face, donít worry about the pressure or the challenges ahead of you. Donít wait for someone to inspire you to raise the bar. Light that self-lit flame that all of us have inside. At the end of the day you will be happier when you balance between work, pleasure, and health... I have always tried to strive for that."

Born in Desbarats, a small town near North Bay, Ontario, a freak accident blinded him permanently and he was raised at the school for the blind in Brantford, Ontario, where he excelled in sports.

Over the years he has competed and won 103 Gold medals in every sport available to blind athletes. Often, he would compete - and win - against sighted athletes as well.

He caught the attention of Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe who invited Craig to come live with him in Detroit. Soon Craig was connecting with other world-class athletes in other major sports. He continued to compete and excel in many sports, including sighted sports, such as basketball.

He skied downhill at a recorded 50 miles per hour. He took up water skiing and became so proficient that he was hired to perform daily with the world-famous Cypress Gardens Water Ski Spectacular in Miami, Florida. Four shows a day, seven days a week regardless of weather.

Craig now earns substantial fees traveling world wide as a most sought after motivational speaker, which is how I met first met him. His amazing life is captured in a book titled "Inner Vision".

Craig is so well respected that he has spoken at two U.S. Republican Conventions. Quite an achievement for a blind kid from Desbarats, Ontario, eh? Heís another Canadian Achiever

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