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She makes you think of Wonder Woman

I enjoy reading appointment announcements in newspapers. I always wonder what special qualities, talents and determination the appointee has that instilled the confidence of her or his organization to select this person for increased responsibility, not to mention the increased income that usually accompanies it.

Recently, the Globe and Mail newspaper carried a nearly full page of appointment notices — 34 photographs and announcements representing many of Canada’s largest and best-know corporations. Thirty-two were men, only two were women. One woman represented a company I was not aware of. That twigged my curiosity to learn more about her

Wow — was I surprised and impressed with the size of her company and her biography. I was even more impressed when we met over the telephone.

Her name is Dianne Doyle; she was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Providence Health Care, a Catholic health-care corporation that includes 5,300 staff, 1,200 physicians and researchers, 1,400 volunteers and serves 372,000 patients annually. Dianne is responsible for an overall budget of $460 million.

Born in Kingston, Ontario, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Ottawa in 1973. Years later, she obtained an MSN from the University of British Columbia. Ontario wasn’t hiring nurses in 1973 so she took a job as a staff nurse at Victoria’s Royal Jubilee Hospital. There she did all the pleasant and unpleasant things staff nurses have to do. Her career path took her to several hospitals where she climbed the ranks to where she is today.

Besides hard work, what does she feel is a reason for her success? "Dick, my leadership contribution has focused on building positive relationships through communication, respect, recognition and mentoring."

She accomplishes all this while raising three teenage children. Her husband’s job takes him out of town a great deal.

Among her many achievements was climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. "It was a personal challenge and a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society."

Kind of makes you think of Wonder Woman, doesn’t it?

Dianne Doyle: she is another wonderful Canadian Achiever.

Next week the story "A skateboarding success story".


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