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Evan Roche 14-year-old designer


Born in St. John's, Nfld. and now living in Vancouver, this very bright young achiever was competing, at age 13, against automotive designers of all ages from all over the world, including India, Portugal, the UK, USA, Germany, Poland, France, Mexico and other countries.

"I received the e-mail from Michelin informing me I had won … it was a big rush, it was amazing. My mom and dad were really happy and proud."

What encouraged him to enter?

"I searched the Internet and in particular my favourite site, I applied to submit my design, called 'Gecko Safety Coupe'. It was accepted and two months later it was chosen by the judges."

In making the announcement, Stewart Reed of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif. said, “This competition gives participants an opportunity to address real-world issues faced by automakers around the world.”

The key word here is opportunity. I cannot imagine what the future holds for this dedicated young teenager. Here he is, already producing award-winning car designs while he is still too young to drive legally. ("I can drive; my dad and mom have taught me to drive.")

If you are a grandparent, parent or educator you must have goosebumps reading Evan's story. This young teenager is shooting down the myth that teenagers are not as dedicated as we were when we were that age. Well believe me, they are; they are going to carry Canada forward as a world leader with they same dedication that generations before them have done. Canada is in great shape with young achievers like Evan Roche. He is a credit and inspiration to all young Canadians.

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