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“Good luck comes to those who keep trying”

George Reinblatt

I first met this creative young man when his dad, my good friend and Canadian Achiever Gary Reinblatt, invited me to their Toronto home for dinner. George was about 15 years old. He struck me as a person who would someday achieve. Well, he certainly has. Now 30 years of age, George is recognized as one of Canada’s top playwrights and comedy writers.
Born and raised in Toronto, he graduated from Queen’s University, where he studied film. From Queen’s he went to Humber College to study comedy writing. While there he earned money as a freelance comedy writer. His reputation grew in the comedy community, where soon he was writing for people like Howie Mandel, William Shatner, Jason Alexander and Tim Allen. But his proudest achievement came with his musical comedy production of “Evil Dead: The Musical” based on the three Evil Dead movies produced by Spiderman creator Sam Raimi.
George told me, “Dick I needed his permission. Mr. Raimi is now one of the biggest directors in Hollywood. It seemed impossible.
Once he had Raimi’s permission, he had to convince local talent to work pro bono. “We rehearsed and developed the play in the back room of a small bar in Toronto. There was something magic about it. Word spread, soon there were lineups and we got picked up by Just for Laughs, Montreal, where we were a big hit.”
It was always George’s dream to take his play to New York. As the song says, “If you make do it there you can make it anywhere.”
His dream came true Nov. 1, 2006 when “Evil Dead: The musical” opened in New York. “Sometimes I still don’t even believe it. Maybe in about 10 years it will really hit me.”
He shares this advice: “It’s not like I was lucky from the start. I had hundreds of unlucky breaks before my one big one. So my advice to others is if you aren’t lucky the first few dozen times, keep trying, your luck will come one day.

George Reinblatt, another Canadian Achiever. Read more about him at  

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