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"The five-year-old achiever"

Hannah Taylor

Canada’s future is in great shape as long as we have young Canadians like Hannah Taylor of Winnipeg, who at five years of age saw a man eating out of a garbage can.
So Mr. Drew I read and learned as much as I could about hunger and homelessness. And when I was six I made a plan.
Her plan was that if she told people about the lives of the hungry and homeless, people would want to help.
That was six years ago. Now this 11-year-old has founded “The Ladybug Foundation Inc.” — a non-profit organization with volunteers across Canada. Her board of directors contains some of Canada’s most successful business leaders, including CanWest’s Gail Asper, recently retired Royal Bank senior vice-president Charles Coffey, and a number of other equally impressive people.
The foundation was formed under her guidance in May 2004. Since then it has raised well over $1 million to help the homeless and hungry.
In demand as a conference speaker she has spoken in person to groups as large as 16,000 people and to several million more through the media.
Hannah has inspired and is now at the forefront of developing a national education project called “Make Change.” It will launch in 2008.
She hopes the plan will be available to every school-aged child in Canada. She wants to let them experience that it is within everyone to “get involved and make a difference.” By then Hannah will have reached the ripe old age of 12.
When I asked her advice to other youngsters she replied, “Mr. Drew, I don’t know if I should give advice, but this is what I believe. If you listen to what your heart needs you to do, no matter how old you are and if you work really hard and never ever give up, you can do it.
Recently she was named “one of Canada’s most powerful women.” Can the Order of Canada be far behind? I certainly hope not.

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