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The gentleman on the left in the picture is Philippe Lecamp, Vice President of Cathay Pacific Airways. The gentleman on the right is Hilton Ngo president of the Accolade Group. The award Hilton is accepting is the Most Progressive Business award. And that sums up what Hilton and the Accolade Group is all about.

Hilton is quick to tell you that he was accepting the award on behalf of his family. The Accolade Group is truly a family affair.

He, along with his brothers Herbert, Harvey, and Hyman, immigrated to Canada from the Philippines in 1984. Why did they select Canada? “ We had several cousins in Canada. Plus we had always heard that Canada offered unlimited opportunity for anyone wishing to work hard and achieve” And they did work hard. And they have achieved. They began small with a screen-print and embroidery business. Today their company employs 110 people; they have three divisions producing a full line of active sportswear.

When I asked Hilton what his advise is to others wishing to achieve, he replied  “ Well Dick, whenever I encounter a situation involving risk, I always ask myself what is the worst that can happen? If my business fails, I can look for another job. If I lose my job, I can go get unemployment insurance. If my benefits run out, I can get welfare. I can eat less and be healthier. Worse, I can go live with my parents again. When you view risk in such light, it changes your perspective on risk and makes it easier for you to embark on projects you love but are just too afraid to do”.

When I asked what he would do different if he could do it all again. He replied “ If I could do it all over again I would not change a thing. I believe that we just have to play with the cards we are dealt with and do it with passion”.

With his positive attitude it is no wonder Hilton Ngo is a Canadian Achiever. Read more at

My next story is about the achiever who is changing the face of fashion.

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