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"First Woman in 200 years. WOW"
Isabelle Hudon

That loud crashing sound heard across Canada on Feb. 16, 2005 was the sound of Isabelle Hudon smashing through the glass ceiling of the Montreal Board of Trade.
The venerable 7,000-member organization had just appointed Isabelle its first female president/CEO in its 200 year history.. The selection committee made the right choice. Isabelle had recently received the prestigious “40 under 40” award, an annual business award presented to 40 business leaders under 40 years of age. Over 1,000 nominations were received from across Canada.
“I underestimated the impact the award would have, not just on me, but also on my team here in Montreal. It was very emotional,” says Isabelle, a single mother with a 10-year-old son.
Born and raised in Beauharnois, Que., she took business courses at various colleges and universities, including Carleton University in Ottawa.
I was not a dedicated academic person,” she says.
To have reached this degree of success while still under 40 is an achievement. But this is not the only accomplishment of this high-energy person .She has held key PR management positions at Bell Global Solutions, the Canadian Space Agency, Bombardier Aerospace, BCE Media, and was executive assistant to Mila Mulroney. Now you understand the reason she was selected to be the Board of Trade’s first female president/CEO in 200 years.
When you ask Isabelle to give advice to other young people wishing to achieve, she says, “ Get a dream and get a career that wakes you up every happy and go for your dream but keep your feet on the ground. Too often I find young people trying to fit in where they don’t belong. When that happens they don’t perform. Find a career that you are happy in. Remember that up to 70 per cent of your time is spent working. You need to find a career you are happy with.
Watching her walk up to receive her award I just knew that here was someone who will continue to achieve and crash through ceilings for many years to come.

Photo credit Marie-Claude Hamel

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