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Jenna Lambert
The Teenager with crutches who swims like a fish

Pray tell me what special dust has God sprinkled on our young Canadians who are thought to be physically unable to accomplish their goal, then startle the world by accomplishing it.

Young achievers like Terry Fox, Steve Fonyo, Craig McFarlane and now our newest teenage heroic achiever 15 year old Jenna Lambert, a grade ten student who swims at the YMCA in Kingston, Ontario.

Born with Cerebral Palsy and restricted to a wheel chair until four years ago, she now walks with crutches. Her legs are immobile which restricts her to swimming using only the breast stroke. Yet on July 18,2006 this determined young achiever dove into the waters of Lake Ontario in Baird Point, New York. For 32 hours and 18 minutes- and 32 gruelling kilometres - she swam the breast stoke across Lake Ontario to Kingston.

Jenna became the first female with a physical disability to conquer those cold wave tossed waters.
Jenna's coach, Vicki Keith - herself a Canadian achiever whom I first met in 1987 when she became the first person to swim a double crossing of Lake Ontario - told me that Jenna is a remarkably determined and courageous young person who comes from a very strong and supportive family. She attempted the swim to raise money for a swimming pool at the YMCA for kids with disabilities. She has now raised nearly $200 thousand dollars and donations are still coming in. Throughout the swim, Jennas pacer was her thirteen year old sister Natalie, an accomplished swimmer herself.

Natalie would jump in and swim alongside when Jenna would begin feeling lonely or tired. Keep in mind, dear reader, that Jenna's disability restricted her to breaststrokes only. Talking with Jenna gives you goose bumps because she is so enthusiastic and positive. Her life goals: "I would like to either become a radio personality or a sign language interpreter." As Vickie Keith mentioned, Jenna was swimming to raise money for a swimming pool for the physically disabled.

From what we know of Jenna's determination. The YMCA can start digging the hole for it now because it will only be a matter of time before Jenna will achieve this goal as well.

" Next week read about the policeman who bought the donut shop"

Jenna Lambert


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