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“Her brand is “A” for achieving”

Laura Laing *

I was asked during my interview for my position here at AdFarm how I had gained so much confidence. I corrected them and said it isn’t so much confidence—its determination” That is what Laura Laing told me during our recent conversation. You can believe that she is indeed one very determined young achiever.
Raised on a farm near Denfield in Southern Ontario. She began a career in advertising and public relations upon graduating from University.
Always a horse woman and always wanting to earn her living close to the ground, she jumped at the chance to apply for a position as public relations specialist with AdFarm located way out west near Calgary. She packed her belongings, arranged to have her two horses, Charlie and Solace, shipped the 3,700 km to their new grazing pastures, and new winter living conditions. And went west young woman.. Solace is in the photo with this story.
That was three years ago. She soon became Director of Public Relations. On Canada Day July 1st/07 while Canadians were celebrating Canada’s 140th birthday, Laura was celebrating the fact that she had just been announced as a partner/shareholder “Dick, this is definitely a career milestone for me” And might I be so bold as to say that it is a milestone for AdFarm.
Laura is refreshing to talk with, her attitude and confidence are infectious. Here is more of what she told me “Achievement is supported by passion. Be passionate. Have a purpose. Have fun. These three factors will support giving it your best—every day” .
She went on “ I heard a well known Canadian businessman say “If you work for $10.00 per hour put in $14.00 an hour and you will always have a job.Give your best at all you do. It isn’t only a work achievement but a life achievement. After all your actions are your brand and your brand is what will stick with you far beyond your career
Laura Laing should have a big bold “A“ for achiever branded on her forehead because she certainly is another Canadian Achiever.

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If you can visualise it, you can achieve it

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* Photo credit Laramay Gibson.



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