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“She is the Queen of Kin”

Leona Thorogood

The picture shows me congratulating Leona Thorogood moments after she was installed as the first female president in the 87-year history of the Association of Kinsmen Clubs, now known officially as Kin Clubs.
Founded in 1920 in Hamilton, Ontario by 21-year-old Hal Rogers and a group of his under-40 male friends, it is estimated that over one million young Canadian adults have been members. My wife Aline and I were very active members until we hit fateful 40 and were out.
Until recently Kin remained all male under 40. The age and gender limits were lifted several years ago. The ladies had their own clubs called Kinette Clubs.
Kin has proudly remained all-Canadian despite several attempts to take it across the border.
Things change, and thankfully so has Kin. On Aug.18, 2007, Kin history was made when Leona Thorogood of Stettler, Alberta became its very first female president. When you meet her and read her bio you will quickly agree that she was well worth waiting 87 years for.
Raised on a farm near Barrhead, Alberta, she obtained a Batchelor of Education from the University of Alberta. Her professional career is fascinating: Certified General Accountant and mutual fund sales. Leona and husband Neil own and operate three public accounting offices in Alberta. She is a member of Stettler town council, is mother of two 21-year-olds, and has many interesting hobbies. Now you understand she was worth waiting 87 years for.
As Kin president, Leona will spend the year travelling across Canada meeting and guiding Kin Clubs.
When I asked her if she realized what she had ahead of her she replied, “Dick, what I had agreed to sunk in the moment the chain of office was put around my shoulders. I believe so strongly that service organizations are the lifeblood of so many communities, that to be the ambassador for one of them will be a daunting task. I tell everyone you should follow your passions and beliefs. If you do, amazing things will happen in your life.
Madam president, Leona Thorogood. Another Canadian Achiever.

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