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“Two very young heroes”

Every year the Lifesaving Society holds a reception to honour those who through very heroic deeds, have helped save the lives of people who might have otherwise drowned. My wife Aline and I attend every year because we find it awe-inspiring to hear how lives are saved through the spontaneous actions of ordinary people reacting and accomplishing extraordinary deeds. We also attend because our son Mitch and our daughter-in-law Lorri-Ann are deeply committed Society volunteers. Mitch is emcee. It flatters our ego to see our son up there doing his usual outstanding job.

Of the 27 people receiving awards this year the two young Mowbray brothers stood out the most for their incredible actions. It occurred when ten year old Macauley and seven year old Calum were attending a family reunion in Kelowna, B.C. They were swimming in the resort pool while being supervised by their 87 year old year old great grand father Bill Corbett. While walking near the pool edge, Bill Corbett slipped and fell head first into the pool. The boys, alone in the pool, were playing in the deep end. They thought he was playing; they soon realised their great grandfather needed help.

Macauley thought "I can do this, I remember what my swimming lessons taught me." Too short to stand in the pool, they had to tread water while they struggled to turn their grandfather over while trying to bring him to the shallow end and assist him out of the pool. Upon reaching the shallow end steps it soon became apparent that great grandfather had injured himself. An ambulance rushed him to the hospital where he was treated for a broken hip.

At the award presentation there was not a dry eye in the room as these two young heroes proudly accepted their awards from the Provincial Attorney General and grand prize scholarships.

Later while I was speaking with their mom, Fiona, I could see the glow in her eyes and hear the pride in her voice as she hugged her two young heroes. Unfortunately great grandfather Bill had not recovered sufficiently to travel to the awards.

Ten year old Macaulay Mowbray and seven year old Calum Mowbray are two very young ordinary Canadians committing very extraordinary valour. They are Canadian Achievers.

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