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This picture shows Esther and Martin Kafer resting during a mountain climb in Chile. Something they would do at least 500 times on many mountains in many countries over the years. They are a remarkably inspiring pair of Canadian seniors. Married since 1953 they have spent their life mountain climbing or mountain skiing all over the world. And they still do. Martin, now in his 80’s and Esther not far behind believe that the couple who do things together stay together. Their love of mountain climbing brought them together in their native Zurich, Switzerland. They spent their honeymoon on a two week mountain climb culminating with reaching the top of the Matterhorn, the highest and best known of the Swiss Alps. They have been in the clouds ever since.

Martin, a bright young ambitious engineer wanted to obtain five years of off shore experience so they immigrated to Canada. That was in 1954. Although they have returned to Switzerland often to mountain climb, their roots quickly became firmly planted right here in Canada.

Esther, a travel agent until her retirement, used her connections to arrange for their travel to unique destinations far too numerous to mention. Like I said earlier, they estimate they have reached the summit of over 500 mountains, some several times

Speaking with them is a delight because they are both so very positive and full of energy. When I asked their advice for all of us couch potatoes they both replied “Be active all of the time, eat well, use your arms your legs and your head. Most of all your head. Take every day as a bonus day

When I asked Martin what his long term plans are he replied with a smile and a twinkle “Dick, I plan to die on my ski’s...twenty years from now

With their positive attitude and commitment to following their own advice I suspect we can change his plan from twenty years to at least forty years,

Esther and Martin Kafer are a remarkable pair of Canadian Achievers. Learn more at

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