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Michelle Wright

Photo by Aline Drew

Not only is Michelle Wright of Merlin. Ontario one of the most talented people to come out of Canada. She is also one of the most generous with her time.
Michelle is an internationally famous entertainer, her voice is as strong as her will to achieve.. Singing and entertaining came very easy to Michelle. Both of her parents were musicians. She can’t tell you exactly when it was that she became a professional entertainer, it was sometime in her teens thirty years ago “ Dick, my earliest memory of music is singing in the car”.
Since releasing her first record album in 1988 she has sold over two million albums and has won a large collection of major industry awards. Enough awards to fill the trophy room in her Nashville home. She even has a songwriter’s award for her hit ‘I Surrender” Listening to her sing on the radio or CD is wonderful, but the real appreciation of Michelle Wright is attending her live concert. She has the rare ability of making everyone in the audience feel as though they’ve been invited to a party in her living room.
As busy as she is touring across North America and countries worldwide. She still makes time to do an amazing amount of humanitarian work. She is an ardent worker on behalf of World Vision. So committed to this cause that she brings a member of the World Vision staff on tour with her urging the audience to visit the World Vision display in the lobby where you can sign up to sponsor a child. . As tired as she may be following a performance she still finds time to visit the display and speak with everyone. I have never witnessed a star performer extend that degree of commitment. Michelle has also entertained our troops in Afghanistan and appears at events in support of local food banks and other humanitarian projects.
Michelle Wright ranks right up there with our other Canadian entertainers including Anne Murray and Celine Dion She is another Canadian Achiever.

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