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When you read this story you will understand why Neil Hetherington was named one of Canada’s top 40 under 40 executives. And why he was selected by me as a Canadian Achiever.
If you measure wealth in dollars and cents, it is unlikely Neil’s name will ever appear on your radar screen. However, if you measure wealth in personal achievements and values, Neil will be right up there among Canada’s wealthiest.
He comes by his moral wealth honestly. His late grandfather General Arnold Brown was past international leader of the Salvation Army.
Upon gradating from college Neil volunteered with Habitat for Humanity International, building homes for the homeless in Hungary, Poland and Uganda. There he saw first-hand the dramatic difference that a simple decent Habitat home could make for a homeless family. It touched him profoundly.
Neil returned to Toronto, where he became project manager at Tridel Construction, Canada’s largest condominium developer. While there he continued volunteering with Habitat as a fundraiser and nail pounder, building Habitat homes in the Toronto area.
The Habitat pull was too strong to resist. So in 2000, at age 26, and with no experience as a company head, he quit his job to become CEO of Habitat for Humanity, Toronto.
Why the dramatic change?
Dick,” he told me, “this work is infectious. You have to be around it to understand it. We all have the ability to do great things because we all have the ability to serve.
Neil’s infectious enthusiasm has led to big gains for Habitat, Toronto. When he joined as CEO in 2000, Habitat, Toronto was building on average one home every two years. Today, through generous donations and a lot of very hard work, Habitat, Toronto has a staff of 29 plus an army of construction volunteers who will build 50 homes this year with a target of 100 homes annually by 2010.
Who knows how many Neil will be building by his retirement date of October 1, 2038? He knows the need will still exist and he is dedicated to filling the need.
That is why Neil Hetherington is another Canadian Achiever.
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