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Nick Kellet

In 1985 I wrote a Canadian Achiever story about two bright young Canadians whose board game was attracting a great deal of attention. The game was “Trivial Pursuit” developed by Scott Abbott and Chris Haney. It has become the most successful board game ever.
Hopefully Nick Kellet will have the same success with his new fun to play board game.” Gift Trap”. It has attracted attention of retailers across Canada, California and some European countries. A big break came when Chapters placed it in their stores. His website attracts over 150,000 hits per month and its growing. 

Forty four year old Nick has been a board game junky since childhood in England.. He has studied every game imaginable looking for the right game, and he feels he has it.
Bringing the game to market was not easy or without substantial risk. Nick arrived in Canada with his wife and three young daughters four years ago.  He saw the great opportunity that Canada offers to willing risk takers. He decided to risk it all and develop his dream board game. It took courage and commitment. He quit his job and committed himself and his savings full time to insure that Gift Trap did not become a money trap.
When I asked what the ingredients are for a successful board game he replied “Dick, ensure it plays different every time. But make sure it is always a great experience. Know your competitors and find a niche to defend. And make sure your idea is vital”
Why did he risk it all?  “ I believe it is  the only way. My dad had a retail business. I inherited his work ethic for good and bad. It was in my veins”
What advice does he have for others with a similar dream  “Listen aggressively to negative feedback., Get it right or stop... Expect it to be ten times more difficult than you thought,. Don’t give up” Wonderful advice from Nick Kellet, another Canadian Achiever

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