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Over 37,000 lawyers are members of the Canadian Bar Association. I am pleased to report that my good friend and our long-time family and business lawyer, Parker J. MacCarthy Q.C. of Duncan, British Columbia is CBA president, a volunteer position. His appointment as president supports what I always say: “In Canada you don’t have to come from a big city to achieve big things.
I first met Parker 27 years ago when Aline and I, then living in Ontario, bought a company in Duncan and moved out west. Needing a lawyer, the Royal Bank manager suggested I meet the young lawyer who had recently hung out his shingle. We met and hit it off. He is everything one wants in a family and corporate lawyer. Married to his wife Virginia for 32 years, they have two attractive children.
Working out of offices in Duncan and Nanaimo, he has built a solid practice. Yet, as busy as he is, he is never too busy to do community work — like the time I asked him to volunteer on the local United Way campaign. Within three years he was president and the campaign was reaching goals that at the time we thought were unattainable.
As you can see, achieving is not a foreign word to him. Neither are the words “volunteering” and “pro bono.
He is such a low-key guy that I had to read it in the paper that he had been chosen president of the CBA. When I called to congratulate him he simply said, “I guess they couldn’t find anyone else to take it on.
Not likely.
When asked if he felt there was opportunity for young people entering the law profession, he replied, “Dick, the huge demand for legal services makes these exciting times for young lawyers. Dealing effectively with rapid change is their challenge. Their ultimate success will be through dedicated service to their clients, community and profession.
Parker J. MacCarthy Q.C, another Canadian Achiever. Read more about him at

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