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"Pierre, I wish you could manage the weather as well as you manage your companies" is what I said to Pierre Morrissette. I had phoned him to congratulate him on his company being selected as one on Canada's 50 best run companies. A very prestigious business award. Pierre owns both the English language and the French language "Weather Network" services you see on TV. Over 10 million Canadian homes, offices and hotel rooms are connected. Weather plays an important part in everyones life. More so now with the heightened awareness of global warming and the horrendous weather changes we have been witnessing worldwide.

Pierre is an interesting achiever. Born in Montreal, he graduated from of Loyola University with a BA in economics, and an MBA from Western University, Waterloo, Ontario. Where last year they dedicated a room in his honour named the Pierre Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship. I have done business with him since 1977 when he joined Telemedia the Montreal based broadcasting and publishing company.

The past 30 years have been interesting to watch him rise through the business world. Highlights since leaving Telemedia have included the presidency of Cancom and ownership of a group of small market radio stations, which he sold in 1993 to acquire the fledgling "Weather Network". It was a fledgling service then, not now. Today the Weather Network services their 10 million subscribers with a staff of 360 people in offices across Canada.

Always a very modest, soft spoken person. He credits his people for making the company so successful. "I was more than delighted when we were selected as a top 50 company. It is recognition to the staff that they are doing an outstanding job." His advice to students at the Pierre Morrissett Institute for Entrepreneurship is "Surround yourself with great people and great things will happen. Listen to them. But most of all I tell them to dream big and make your dreams happen."

Solid advice from Pierre Morrissette, a bright easy to meet, successful Canadian Achiever.

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