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Rod Black

The photo with this story shows Rod Black with a group of orphan children in Africa. For over a dozen years Rod has been an active and dedicated spokesperson for Plan Canada. The non profit foster parents organization which urges families to sponsor foster children in Africa.
Before I tell you too much about Rod’s involvement with Plan Canada let me explain his professional background and why I feel what he is doing is so remarkable.
Born and raised in Winnipeg, He is now one of Canada’s leading, and busiest, sports play-by-play announcers. He is the voice of sports for the sports Network TSN, Canadian Football League CFL, The Raptors basketball, Blue Jays baseball, Canadian Open Golf tournament, winter and summer Olympics. You name a sports event and there is a good chance you will see Rod Black working it. His life seems to be a different sport in a different city every day. That is why I marvel at the amount of time and effort he donates to Plan Canada. It is not unusual for busy high profile celebrities to lend their name and image in support of a worthwhile event. Some even record TV and radio commercials and attend certain high profile events. I commend celebrities who do this. This is not the case with Rod Black. His involvement with Plan Canada is total and absolute.
Becky Crampton, Director of Marketing for Plan Canada told me “ Dick, his work on our television programs and other engagements has helped us acquire tens of thousands of new child sponsors in Canada and the US. He is truly a part of the Plan Canada family. He has a wife and four children plus a job that is very demanding of his time. So for him to take out time to travel to Africa with us, work on the ground for several days, and return another 20 hours in the air is truly remarkable and selfless”
Then she added “Rod is amazing with the people in these countries-especially the children. He is so natural at making them feel comfortable”
Now you know why Rod Black is truly another Canadian Achiever

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