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Sports is his business, and hes the best in the game

Ron Bremner

"I have never met an enthusiastic failure, says Ron Bremner, whom I first met 35 years ago when he applied to work for a broadcast sales organization I was associated with.
A graduate of Hillfield College in Hamilton, he was selling insurance. Ron was a confirmed sports enthusiast, bordering on having an addiction to sports. His family was made up of fervent dyed-in-the-wool Tiger Cat fans. During the interview he exuded confidence, determination and a maturity far beyond his early 20s. I sensed that here was a young guy who was destined to achieve. He got the job, and since that fateful day Ron has blazed a trail of success across Canada and the U.S.
His credentials include radio station sales manager, radio station manager, and president/CEO of BCTV, Vancouver, one of Canada's leading TV stations. He was inducted into the broadcast Hall of Fame in 1998. While at BCTV he was recruited by the Calgary Flames to become president /CEO of the Flames and the Saddeldome.
During his five years there, the Flames set attendance and revenue records while recruiting great players, many who are still there. The Flames won in every category except the elusive Stanley Cup.
After five challenging years Ron was ready for a break. He and wife Gail embarked on a two-year sabbatical, visiting a number of countries. In 1994 Ron started the Gold Medal Consulting Group and accepted an offer to be chairman of PSP in New York, one of North America's top sports publications companies. Within a year Ron had sold it at a good profit for the owner. Ron is currently CEO of Insight Sports Ltd. (
"The sports business is an exciting business, he says. Many young people want to get into it. But they have to remember that at the end of the day the sports business is a business. Basic business principles apply."

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