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Right off the top I should tell you that I am a Rotarian and have been since 1975. Before that I was a Kinsman.

July 1, 2007/07 will be a big day for Canadian Rotarians. Not only will it be Canada’s 140th birthday, . It will also be the day that Canadian Wilfrid "Wilf" Wilkinson will become the world President of Rotary International . The service organization with 1.25 million members in 164 countries.

Wilf becomes only the fourth Canadian in the 102- year history of Rotary to achieve this high office. The last one was Arthur Laguex of Quebec City 55 years ago.

Wilf, a chartered accountant, was born in Montreal and. attended McGill University. He became a Chartered Accountant in 1958 and moved to Trenton, Ontario, where he founded Wilkinson & Company. A chartered accounting firm which he still heads. He joined Rotary in 1962, and now, after a sterling career doing volunteer work in many countries, he will become its .International President. I was surprised when Wilf, a quiet, almost shy person, was appointed to Chair Rotary’s 100th anniversary Centennial convention scheduled for Chicago in June 2005. I felt the powers that be would have selected a loud, boisterous, flashy person from New York or Texas to stage what was to be Rotary’s largest- ever convention.

Held in Chicago, Rotary’s founding city, a city best known for jazz, Al Capone, the city that Billy Sunday could not shut down, and other noisy things. Hardly the assignment for a seemingly quiet accountant from Trenton, Canada.

Well, Aline and I joined 50,000 other Rotarians in Chicago. And let me tell you, that the quiet, almost shy Wilf Wilkinson did not disappoint anyone. It was a blast — . Proving that when you want something done right, in any country, call in a Canadian, eh.

I asked him what is his philosophy towards achieving.... "Well Dick, actually my philosophy is doing the very best that you can. The word Honesty is my philosophy, it seems to have paid off in my professional and Rotary career."

There are certain people you admire from the moment you meet them. Wilfrid "Wilf" Wilkinson is one of those people.. Another Canadian Achiever.

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