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When I asked Yvonne Tollens what her advice is to young people she replied "Dick my advice is simple, do work that you are passionate about because you will be living and breathing it. Do some planning, get out and get at it. Then review your success, modify the plan, and get back at it. Dream big, be brave and have fun" Once you read of her achievements you will know that she followed her own advice.

Raised on a ranch near Merritt BC. She obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia. Upon graduation she set out to change the method of cattle recording through the use of software. Until then cattle recording left a paper trail a mile long. With her husband Ralph they moved to Okotos Alberta and launched their company Computer Aid Professional Services. That was twenty years ago. Today with a staff of ten they track, through electronic devices implanted in each animal’s ear, everything from lineage to feeding habits to medical treatments. It’s all done with sophisticated computer software programs many they have developed and trade marked. . They track herds of as few as a dozen animals to 100,000. Their clients are spread out across North America, even Russia.

It’s no wonder she laughed when I told her how I was raised on a farm near Morinville Alberta. We thought we had reached the epitome of modern farming when we finally acquired a battery operated cattle prod. [High tech were words still years away]

As busy as she is running the company. She still makes time for an active community service life, and plays a leading role in the cattle industry bringing leaders together from around the world to discuss key issues in the livestock industry.

She explains the reason for her company’s success. "I have an incredible team. We are frequently going where people have not gone before. We formulate a solution, begin implementation, and then modify as unforeseen challenges arise. This results in us succeeding where other fail"

Now you will understand why Yvonne Tollens won an RBC 2006 Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award. And this recognition as another Canadian Achiever.

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